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  • Be on your way to earning 6 figures before you know it! Get industry-certified training and the option for national accreditation.

  • Cut your learning time in half by tapping into Jessica’s years of experience, mastery, and stellar training.

  • Gain insider knowledge to become the best in your field, so you can increase your profit margins pronto.

  • Get social savvy with tips and tricks on how to up your Insta game and shoot like a pro!

  • There are several key drivers contributing to the strong growth of the beauty industry. People are now more time poor than ever and want to look and feel their best! One key driver is the rising popularity of nonsurgical options, leading to the very fast market growth of relatively quick and natural enhancements. Women everywhere want to wake up beautiful.

    Jessica O'Neill
  • Enhance your beauty, confidence and self-esteem at the hands of the One and Only Beauty Queen! Jessica O'Neill is a nationally accredited trainer and beauty boss whose passion for her craft has brought beauty to hundreds of students and thousands of clients from the outside in.

    Jessica O'Neill
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Advanced Dermal Therapy

Choose from our results-driven range of training packages, with the option of including a full clinic startup kit and Business Mastery insights so you can sell like a Queen.


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About Jessica

Jessica O'Neill (aka The Beauty Boss) is one of Australia's leading internationally accredited trainersand Beauty Business Queens.

A powerhouse in the industry, Jessica has educated, empowered and elevated hundreds of aspiring Beauty Bosses and Beauty Business Owners to build and scale their dream beauty businesses.

Thanks to her gold-standard aesthetician training, her students cut their learning time in half, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of waiting for their beauty empire to take off.

Jessica's story